Giraffe Library Quick Setup

System Requirements

At least one of the following SML compilers is required:





Standard tools are required as follows:

  • An ANSI C compiler, such as GCC, and a linker.

  • Common utilities, such as Bash, Make, Grep and Sed.

  • The pkg-config utility.

See the section Prerequisites in the Setup Guide for information on installing these dependencies.

Giraffe Library has been tested on various combinations of:

  • Fedora and Ubuntu GNU/Linux and Mac OS X systems

  • i686 and x86_64 platforms


To install a library release, extract the archive, change to the source directory and enter the following commands:

make install

An installation directory can be specified as follows, to override the default:

./configure --prefix installdir

For other configuration options, enter the following command:

./configure --help

See the section Installation in the Setup Guide for further details on installation and modifying the configuration.